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It is by bringing computer skills and legal editions together that Helinia editions make the difference. Our objective is essentially to highlight the results of French and Francophone legal research, which are legal works with high added value, in order to facilitate their access to recognized specialists.

The main idea of Helinia editions is to give a quick and easy access to an editorial written by recognized specialists for practical as well as theoretical research.

HELINIA editions designed and developed a permanent legal database unique in its field.

It is a platform that facilitates the access to a high-standard editorial with high potential in practice and theory aimed to a highly skilled public in the legal field.

With an analysis of tens of thousands of legal contributions combined to a constant update, it will allow you to make a difference in legal thinking!

With Helinia editions we want to spread the most advanced ideas to lawyers.

Thus we provide access to private and public law thesis that received the honours by subscription or on request as well as on digital materials (CD-ROM).

We have a very open editorial policy as for us the fact that a work of quality that will only interest specialists will not be a barrier to its publication.

Because law makes news you cannot miss important legal events. Helinia editions provides information about various events in the legal discipline.